We hope to see you at our next chapter meeting and luncheon, Thursday, October 16.

"Psychological Exams and Detox in the Workers Comp Arena" 
Presented by N. Robert Jarvis, President, Psychgroup Mental Healthcare Network

Thursday, October 16
11:30 to 1:00PM
Dubsdread Country Club

549 West Par St, Orlando


Analyzing the Real Costs of Climate Change

Are companies prepared for skyrocketing energy costs to combat extreme heat? Can farmers handle average crop losses of up to 73%? Should businesses invest in oceanfront property that is virtually guaranteed to flood? Because of climate change, these are just some of the crucial questions the United States will face before the end of the [...]

East Coast Tidal Flooding Could Triple By 2030

Over the past 40 years, tidal flooding has quadrupled in many low-lying areas, but that change is accelerating due to sea level rising. According to a new study, even moderate rising could as much as triple coastal flooding events in many communities in the next 15 years. Based on even moderate projections for sea level [...]

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